"Sonety, jaká slast..."
Ivan Blatný

Červen 2008

Wendy Copeová - Strugnell's Sonnets (dva sonety z knihy "Making Cocoa For Kingsley Amis"; v těchto básních z oddílu "Strugnell's Sonnets" paní Copeová paroduje Shakespearovy sonety)

3. června 2008 v 1:07 | Wendy Copeová |  Sonety
4 (viz Shakespearův Sonet 55 v originále)

Not only marble, but the plastic toys
From cornflake packets will outlive this rhyme
I can't immortalize you, love - our joys
Will lie unnoticed in the vault of time.
When Mrs. Thatcher has been cast in bronze
And her administration is a page
In some O-Level text-book, when the dons
Have analysed the story of our age,
When travel firms sell tours of outer space
When aeroplanes take off without a sound
And Tulse Hill has become a trendy place
And upper Norwood's on the underground
Your beauty and my name will be forgotten -
My love is true, but all my verse is rotten.

6 (viz Shakespearův Sonet 116 v originále

Let me not to the marriage of true swine
Admit impediments. With his big car
He's won your heart, and you have punctured mine.
I have no spare; henceforth I'll bear the scar.
Since women are not worth the booze you buy them
I dedicate myself to Higher Things.
If men deride and sneer, I shall defy them
And soar above Tulse Hill on poet's wings --
A brother to the thrush in Brockwell Park,
Whose song, though sometimes drowned by rock guitars,
Outlives their din. One day I'll make my mark,
Although I'm not from Ulster or from Mars,
And when I'm published in some classy mag
You'll rue the day you scarpered in his Jag.