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Marilyn Hackerová - Villanelle for D. G. B. (villanella v originále)

6. února 2008 v 20:52 | Marilyn Hackerová |  Villanelly
Every day our bodies separate,
exploded torn and dazed.
Not understanding what we celebrate

we grope through languages and hesitate
and touch each other, speechless and amazed;
and every day our bodies separate

us farther from our planned, deliberate
ironic lives. I am afraid, disphased,
not understanding what we celebrate

when our fused limbs and lips communicate
the unlettered power we have raised.
Every day our bodies' separate

routines are harder to perpetuate.
In wordless darkness we learn wordless praise,
not understanding what we celebrate;

wake to ourselves, exhausted, in the late
morning as the wind tears off the haze,
not understanding how we celebrate
our bodies. Every day we separate.
převzato z http://inwardboundpoetry.blogspot.com/2007/07/452-villanelle-mad-girls-love-song.html

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