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William Wordsworth - Ecclesiastical Sonnets, Part III XLI. "New Churchyard"

21. června 2007 v 18:20 | William Wordsworth |  Sonetové cykly
The encircling ground, in native turf arrayed,
Is now by solemn consecration given
To social interests, and to favouring Heaven;
And where the rugged colts their gambols played,

And wild deer bounded through the forest glade,
Unchecked as when by merry Outlaw driven,
Shall hymns of praise resound at morn and even;
And soon, full soon, the lonely Sexton's spade

Shall wound the tender sod. Encincture small,
But infinite its grasp of weal and woe!
Hopes, fears, in never-ending ebb and flow;-

The spousal trembling, and the dust to dust,
The prayers, the contrite struggle, and the trust
That to the Almighty Father looks through all.

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