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Giacomo da Lentini - tři sonety předpokládaného otce sonetové formy v anglickém překladu Danta Gabriela Rossettiho

21. června 2007 v 23:14 | Giacomo da Lentini - Dante Gabriel Rossetti |  Sonety
Of His Lady in Heaven
I have it in my heart to serve God so
That into Paradise I shall repair,-
The holy place through the which everywhere
I have heard say that joy and solace flow.

Without my lady I were loth to go,-
She who has the bright face and the bright hair;
Because if she were absent, I being there,
My pleasure would be less than nought, I know.

Look you, I say not this to such intent
10 As that I there would deal in any sin:
I only would behold her gracious mien,

And beautiful soft eyes, and lovely face,
That so it should be my complete content
To see my lady joyful in her place.
No Jewel is worth his Lady.

Sapphire, nor diamond, nor emerald,
Nor other precious stones past reckoning,
Topaz, nor pearl, nor ruby like a king,
Nor that most virtuous jewel, jasper call'd,

Nor amethyst, nor onyx, nor basalt,
Each counted for a very marvellous thing,
Is half so excellently gladdening
As is my lady's head uncoronall'd.

All beauty by her beauty is made dim;
10 Like to the stars she is for loftiness;
And with her voice she taketh away grief.

She is fairer than a bud, or than a leaf.
Christ have her well in keeping, of His grace,
And make her holy and beloved, like Him!

Of his Lady's Face.

Her face has made my life most proud and glad;
Her face has made my life quite wearisome;
It comforts me when other troubles come,
And amid other joys it strikes me sad.

Truly I think her face can drive me mad;
For now I am too loud, and anon dumb.
There is no second face in Christendom
Has a like power, nor shall have, nor has had.

What man in living face has seen such eyes,
10 Or such a lovely bending of the head,
Or mouth that opens to so sweet a smile?

In speech, my heart before her faints and dies,
And into Heaven seems to be spirited;
So that I count me blest a certain while.

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