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Dante Alighieri - sonet č. 14 v originále a v anglickém překladu

21. června 2007 v 20:04 | Dante Alighieri |  Sonetové cykly
Tanto gentile e tanto onesta pare
la donna mia quand'ella altrui saluta,
ch'ogne lingua deven tremando muta,
e li occhi no l'ardiscon di guardare.
Ella si va, sentendosi laudare,
benignaments d'umilta vestuta;
e par che sia una cosa venuta
da cielo in terra a miracol mostrare.
Mostrasi si piacente a chi la mira,
che da per li occhi una dolcezza al core,
che'ntender no la puo chi no la prova:
e par che de la sua labbia si mova
un spirito soave pien d'amore,
che va dicendo a l'anima: "Sospira!".

So gentle and so modest seems my lady
to everyone to whom she bids good-day,
that every voice must, trembling, cease to speak
and eyes are not so bold to look on her.
Where'er she walks she hears her virtue told,
yet dresses kindly, in humility;
and so she seems a wondrous thing sent down
from heaven to earth to be a sign to men.
To all who see, so gracious is her charm,
that through her eyes, her sweetness strikes their hearts,
as those who have been struck alone can know:
and from her face there ever seems to come
a gentle spirit full of love which flies
into one's soul, and whispers simply: "Sigh!"

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